What is it?
Italian Id Card is used as a way to identify yourself around Italy and Europe. You do not need one if you have a passport and getting one from the US is next to impossible. It is a small booklet-type document (pictured above).

For What Is It Used?

You can use it in place of your passport in some cases. You need an identity card or a passport to work in Italy and other countries in the European Union. A list of countries that recognize and accept the validity of the Identity Card for admission into their territories, for which the ID is equivalent qualification to the passport:
MACEDONIA (Only if the ID card is accompanied by a special ID card issued at the border upon payment of a sum of around € 25.82.)
MOROCCO, TUNISIA, and TURKEY (Only for those who visit it with an organized trip.)

Do I Need One?
If you have an Italian passport then probably not. It is just another way of identifying you. If you are able to get one, then do it. It can’t really hurt, especially if you are planning on living and working in Italy. Plus, it is cool.

How Do I Get One?

In order to get an Identity Card, you must first be an Italian Citizen and your vital statistics must be registered with your Comune. If you are not an Italian Citizen, you can’t get one.

You must appear in person at the Comune with:
3 recent half-length photos without a hat
Your identification document (passport, certificate of citizenship, US license, etc). Something that proves you are who you say you are.
Upon handing over these documents and waiting the necessary time for production, the identity card is issued directly to you. You must stipulate that you want the document valid for travel abroad.

Renewing Your Identity Card
The identity card is valid for 5 years from the date of issue (release date details under the photo):

Italian citizens: only need to present the expired document (if expired a long time you need a picture ID or 2 other witnesses) and 3 photographs.
In the case of theft or loss, you must must present the documents as listed above, and a complaint made ​​by the competent authorities (Police Station).

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